Cindy Stockton Moore


Upcoming Workshop: Resilient Palette: Tea and Flowers, Sunday April 29, 3-4pm
Free to the Public: Supplies Provided
Open Kitchen Sculpture Garden, 2241 N Philip Street
Presented by Chimaera Gallery in partnership with Da Vinci Art Alliance’s Everyday Futures Fest
Register here.


Ephemeral Partner
March 10-April 15, 2023

I created a custom palette for the group exhibition, Ephemeral Partner: Exploring Relationship with the More-than-Human World.  The group exhibition– curated by Vivian Lehrer – was hosted by iMPeRFeCT Gallery in the Germantown neighborhood of Philadelphia.


The inks were used by gallery visitors to paint Plant Solidarity Posters designed by artist and fellow forager, Ellie Irons.

Ephemeral Partner Palette: Winter 2023

Handmade Artist Inks: Wissahickon Walnut, Hibiscus, Soda Ash,  and Thai Tea
Handmade Watercolor Pan Colors: Turmeric, Matcha, Charcoal from vine clippings,  beets
Pigment Samples: Turmeric, cocoa, hibiscus and matcha

Even in the colder months, there is color to be found in Philadelphia–foraged from nature and the pantry.  The Ephemeral Partner Palette is meant to be shared, centering conversations about community and ecology through connection–to the land to to each other.

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