Cindy Stockton Moore

Selected Articles
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'How to Make Charcoal', Earthkeepers Handbook, EcoArtspace, epublication 2023.
 'Not with a Whimper - Heather Dewey-Hagborg Brings Esther Klein Gallery to a Stunning Conclusion', ' uCity Science Center Blog, December 1, 2022
'Decoding COVID-19: Talia Greene at Esther Klein Gallery,' uCity Science Center Blog, March 29, 2022
'Brendan Fernandes: WE AS ONE,' FLASH Art International, March 13, 2020.
'Parallel Paths: Design and Science,' uCity Science CenterBlog, March 12, 2020.  
'Michelle Rothwell's Urgent Imperative,' uCity Science Center Blog, January 24, 2020.
'In Retrospect', GrizzlyGrizzly at 10 Years publication, December 6, 2019.

'Unfolding Narrative: Laura Splan's Conformations' uCity Science Center Flying Slippers Blog,November 19, 2019.

'Navigating Deirdre Murphy's Oculus at Esther Klein Gallery,' uCity Science Center, October 3, 2019.
'Eternalized Moment: Edith Neff's Commission for the University City Science Center,' August 22, 2019.
'Visualizing the Fruits of Matadero,' uCity Science Center Flying Slippers Blog, August 13, 2019.
'All Made Light: Lois Goglia's Exhibition in Context,' uCity Science Center Flying Slippers Blog, June 6, 2019.
'In Search of Meaning,' uCity Science Center Flying Slippers Blog, April 4, 2019.
'Art and Wellness @Esther Klein,' uCity Science Center Flying Slippers Blog, January 2019.
‘BioArt and Bacteria: Anna Dumitriu”, uCity Science Center Flying Slippers Blog, November 2018.
Click here for a downloadable catalog of the exhibition with my essay.
"Rooted in Philadelphia:  Exhibitions invite cross-disciplinary conversations about trees", sciArt Magazine,
August 2018.
"It's My Party [and I'll Cry I Want to]", Speak Speak, March 2017
TitleMagazine 'Giving it Away,' Title Magazine and Never Edition, January 2014 'Copy/Paste: The Original Work of Christopher P. McManus,' magazine, Issue 31, Summer 2013
TitleMagazine 'Studio Visit with Cindy Stockton Moore and Mark Stockton' by Jacob Feige, January 2013

'Blue Glow: Karla Siegel's Recent Paintings' magazine, Issue 30, Winter 2013

RustyToque Featured Artist for The Rusty Toque, Issue 4, 2013 'Kirsten Kindler: Delicate Contradictions', magazine, Issue 29, Summer 2012 'This Will Not End Well: The Drawings of David Poolman," magazine, Issue 28, Winter 2012
ducts "Saving Stitches: The Society for the Prevention of Unfinished Needlepoint," magazine, Issue 27, Summer 2011 "Anti-Monument: Laura Keeble's Street Sculpture," magazine, Issue 26, Winter 2011
ArtNews "Circular Logic", ArtNews,Volume 109, Number 9, October 2010
ducts "Mining Color: Laura Moriarty's Encaustic Works," magazine, Summer 2010 "Processing Image: The Painting of Aaron M Brown," magazine, Winter 2010 "Translucid: Jen Blazina's Recollections in Glass", magazine, Summer 2009 “Faithfully Observed: The Drawings of Rob Matthews”, magazine, Winter 2009 “Eye Witness Accounts: Nanna Debois Buhl in the Virgin Islands,” magazine, Summer 2008 “For My Culture: Brendan Fernandes Recent Work,” Catalog: Alternator Art Space, Spring 2008 “Rauschenberg’s Runts Get Big Attention,” The New York Sun on-line, January 12, 2008 Gallerists Ready for Fall Shows and Moving Days,” The New York Sun, August 6, 2007
TheSun "Safe, Legal and on MTV" The New York Sun, August 1, 2007 “A Fictional Autobiography: Sharon Gold on the Web,” magazine, Summer 2007  “Navigating the Sensory Jetty: Recent Work by Margie Neuhaus,” magazine, Summer 2007  “Catching Art : Missing Train,” The New York Sun, Monday, April 16, 2007 "Jeremy Drummond: Everybody Knows This is Nowhere," text originally for Museum Catalog: Anderson Gallery. Reprinted in NYArts Magazine,March/April 2007 "Same Taste, Different Flavor: LA/Williamsburg Art Scenes," wburg magazine, Spring 2007 “Lenin, Libraries, and Legacies: An Interview with Yevgeniy Fiks,” magazine, Winter 2007 “Gallery Scene – Crowding in for Rauschenberg,”  The New York Sun, Monday, October 30, 2006 “Suffocating Desire: James Franklin at Clementine Gallery,” NYArts Magazine,  Sept/Oct 2006 “Domesticated Pathos: Caitlin Atkinson Recent Photography,” magazine, Summer 2006
“Lifting Heavy Metal: Tim Scofield’s Recent Flying Machines,” NYArts Magazine, July/August 2006 "Heather Hutchison: Capturing Night as Clear as Day," NYArts Magazine, July/August 2006
“Oh Give me a Home: New Work by Kia Neill,” magazine, Issue 16, Winter 2006.
Hybrids and Heirlooms: Monique Luchetti Recent Work,”, July-August 2005.
“Hand over Hand: The Artists Books of Sharon Gilbert,”, Issue 14, Winter 2005. "Subverting the Saccharine: Cindy Craig, Chris Doyle, Michelle Provenzano, Cherry Hood,", Summer 2005
“Sundays: Changing Times,”, Sunday Afternoons project. "Monumentes to a Lost Youth: Jeff Williams Recent Work," magazine, Issue 13, Summer 2004, Reprinted in NYArts Magazine, January/February 2005.
“Performing the Corporate: Photography of Christopher Frederick,” magazine, Issue 11, Summer 2003
“Chasing the New: Williamsburg Art Scene, ” magazine, Issue 10, Summer 2002
“Personal Mythmaking: Barry Levinson’s Baltimore Film Series,” magazine, Issue 10, Summer 2002