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Cindy Stockton Moore

Statement: Paintings

The paintings in this series explore the liminal landscape, its inherent danger and lure. Swimmers trespass in isolated bodies of water: wading into restricted reservoirs, wetlands, and ornate gardens - crossing the boundary between desire and fear. In these escapist tableaus, nature is a site for transgression and transition: both geographically and psychologically.

Poured skins of molten, encaustic paint create amorphous pools of color that deny the illusion of depth, containing their subject in a realm that is nether here nor there. Allowed access to private scenes of contemplation, the viewer is trapped in a similarly unstable space, situated within painting’s voyeuristic tradition of figure and landscape.

The works on paper use watercolor and gouache to capture deluged figures in turbulent water. Somewhere between recreation and natural disaster, they evoke a playful sense of doom.