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Dimensions variable by installation: Individual paintings measure 13.5" x 20" or 7.25" x 10"
Media vary: watercolor, gouache and oil on paper, 2010

Actum Agere
'to do what has already been done'

The Actum Agere series is an accumulation of sifted images, in which paintings are abbreviated, reevaluated, unpacked and sorted. Through repetition, the language of painting becomes the subject, not the vehicle, for these works. The shifts and alterations from piece to piece create a narrative of process, while plurality of the images references cinematic story-telling.

Culled from a series of cult films and staged photographs, each loosely painted component shows a fragment of an unfolding but evasive narrative. Themes of unease within nature, impending danger, and vulnerability connect the disparate scenes. While formal ties of color, shape light and shadow visually tie them together. By rendering these particular stills in paint, I am mining the cinematic subculture of not quite B-movies. From these, I seek out small moments of repose and transform them into more reluctant and reflective images.

Actum Agere Groups
Actum Agere , Watercolor and Gouache on Paper, 2010, 27" x 30"
'Actum Agere III', Watercolor and Gouache on Paper, 2010, ,27" x 40"
'Actum Agere IV', Watercolor on Paper, 27" x 40" 2010
'Actum Agere II', Watercolor on and Gouache on Paper, 2010, 27" x 40"
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