Cindy Stockton Moore

Shadow Tag

A collaboration with Rachel Blake, John Stockton, Hoang Pham and Rachel Wetzel
Data x Design 'Ground Truth' Exhibition

‘Shadow Tag’ is a new experimental video exploring the unseen in NYC OpenCity data – using a layered technique to search for traces of children, who are underrepresented in the metrics but always present, alongside impactful environmental factors. Visualizing signal extraction through hand drawn animation, charts and maps, the video presents an abstracted narrative that explores the concept of observability through the open-structure of play. Animations, created using chalk erasure and stop motion, occur directly on the street; data is redrawn within children’s environments, offering affordances for free play and adaptation. The atmospheric soundtrack is initially generated by TwoTone data but then layered and looped, a connected distortion reflecting the resilient joy of ‘Shadow Tag.’

You can view the project in its entirety here.

This project was created for Data x Design's Ground Truth 2021 exhibition and uses NYC Open Data as a starting point. I worked with concept collaborator, Rachel Blake, a writer, lawyer and housing rights advocate. Physicist and data scientist, John Stockton provided additional consultation. Artist and early childhood educator, Hoang Pham, contributed an animation. Musician, photograph conservator, and long-time collaborator Rachel Wetzel created the atmospheric soundtrack.

Working in and around playgrounds during this distanced time, my children – and those of my collaborators and friends – have become collaborators, too.


This still features a pie-chart in flight. One side shows COVID-19 park closures by borough. The other depicts the type of closures throughout the city.
This graphic uses data from the NYC Open Data Park Closure Status- Playgrounds.
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