Cindy Stockton Moore

Pillars of Motionless Time

a solo exhibition Chimaeara Gallery, Philadelphia
May 11 - June 29, 2024

Flicker Fusion Threshold,
2024 Goldenrod, Indigo, Barberry, Hickory Nut, Buckthorn Berry, Walnut, Blackberry, Logwood Artist Made Inks on Paper
Screening Room

This solo exhibition builds on my research into natural pigments and the observed world.
It features new paintings, video, and an animated wall-painting that will accumulate and grow over the course of the show. The suite of six paintings features detailed, ecological vignettes from our regional biome. Layered reflections that invite a maze of attention, they are slow paintings that flatten space through time.
The videos –in contrast– are fast. Only one-minute each, these experimental chroma-poems are fleeting glimpses of saturated color: foraged, animated and constructed. The exhibition also includes the experimental wallwork Field Notes, an animated sketchbook –arranged, drawn and projected directly on the gallery wall– that will change over time.
Together, this body of new work explores overlapping ideas of screening–as scientific filter, visual device and temporal recording. It reflects my on-going search for sustainable and regenerative methods of creating in the studio and in the wild. 

Bites Too Small to Be Measured, 2023 Hickory, Goldenrod, Walnut, Wild Cherry, and Indigo Artist Made Inks on Paper  

Rachel Wetzel, Sound
Jo Moore, Sewing
Tedd Prontnicki, Install Support
Mark Stockton, AV Support
Iona and Otto Stockton, Animation Support
Anne Schaefer & Mary Smull, Consulting
Angela McQuillan, Director of Opportunity and Operations
Philly Dye Club, Research & Innovation
Irwin Art Frames
Much of this work is informed by my time at Winterthur Museum, Gardens, and Library as a Maker/Creator Fellow and while artist-in-residence in the Catoctin Mountains at Cunningham Falls State Park.
Titles quote the following writers:
Mary Ruefel, Robin Wall Kimmerer, Rebecca Solnit, Thomas A Clark, Mary Gartside and Rachel Blake.