Cindy Stockton Moore

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'No More We Can Hold'
a new pair of wall drawings for the exhibition 'Still Time' at Mount Airy Contemporary
November 11 - December 16, 2017
No More We Can Hold, ink on wall, 2017

‘No More We Can Hold’ is a pair of site-specific drawings that explores the intersection of urban Romanticism, drawing and the natural environment.

The temporary, large-scale work revisits Devils Pool, a contested site of leisure within Philadelphia city limits. In this version of the tableau – created specifically for Mount Airy Contemporary —a frozen scene unfolds. Nature is in the midst of occupation; actions hint at a new narrative of sustenance and subsistence.

Simultaneously still and in motion, the figures gather against the coming night. The pair of ink drawings is created to last only as long as the exhibition.



Left / Bottom: 'No More We Can Hold' [2], ink on wall, 2017

Details -- No More We Can Hold [1], ink on wall, 2017
Detail -- No More We Can Hold [1], ink on wall, 2017
Installation view of Still Time exhibition at Mount Airy Contemporary, November/December 2017
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