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Cindy Stockton Moore

[Still from Incantation II - October 2020]

Since 2019, I have experimenting with foraged and found materials.

Making ink from natural materials and invasive species connecting to the landscape in tactile ways.

Starting in the winter months, my initial palette contained many browns – from acorns gathered near the Wissahickon, walnut hulls from the grounds of the Woodmere– and then black, from charcoal I made from invasive vine clippings from oak galls tinged with iron supplements.

Spices foraged from my pantry during quarantine - turmeric and paprika- brought yellows as spring arrived in isolation. Beets stained my hands for days when red entered the palette. Summer berries and blooms brought violet, green and gray. The Fall promises even more hues.

[Studies amassed]

Throughout it all I've been making studies. From local herbaria, found specimens, witnessed landscape. Some I’ve sent back into the world, through small gifts to distanced friends, some stay in the studio, turning into animations.

Elements that are overlaid, cut out, adaptive. Trials, errors, a series of learning curves I am slowly navigating. Slowly gathering knowledge - of plant identification, sustainable foraging methods, urban ink making- all connecting somehow with my on-going interest in a shared, natural environment.


[Animation test]    

The inks themselves are already changing–getting darker or lighter with light and time. My practice seems to always seek the fugitive.

I am grateful to collaborate once again with Rachel Wetzel. Our new experimental video, Incantation I, is included in Volume II of OyeDrum magazine. Our latest, Incantation II features text by Sarah Pulver.

These experimental videos are conjured for a time of isolation, connecting us through interdimensional portals and alchemical enchantments. Channeling the resilience of the archetypal crone, they use found and foraged material to invoke ominous solace for a dystopian present.

[Still from Incantation II]    
  Together - we all grind on.
[Grinding charcoal into ink]
[Incantation I]
[Still from Incantation II]
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