Cindy Stockton Moore

The Chalkboard Chronicles

February 16- March 11, 2019

ArtYard, Frenchtown, New Jersey
Curated by Tom Judd

For this temporary drawing project, I re-created the Cucumber Magnolia tree on the property of Glen Foerd on the Delaware. This 230 year old tree predates both the current estate and the one before it, Torresdale, from which the section of Philadelphia got its current name. I am interested in impermanence as a concept - even in the scale of time of a tree.

Over the course of one day, I sketched this subject - using only white chalk on black board in accordance to the rules established by Tom Judd for this curatorial project. Outside, a snowstorm raged on.

After the drawing was 'complete,' I documented changes as I continue to work with the imagery. Working through a number of iterations, I experimented with ideas of atmosphere, contemplating the idea of completion in general.


Snowed in, I spent the following morning walking around the historic cemetary and towpath on both the New Jersey and Pennsylvania side of the Delaware. I realized the connection between ArtYard and Glen Foerd was this river that itself has seen so many changes.

The names of the gravestones in Frenchtown - like Rittenhouse- reflect the human history of the city of Philadelphia. These temporary lives made seemingly permanent monuments that still pale to the lifespan of a tree (or river.)


My temporary ArtYard drawing branched in unforeseen ways. It connected to my practice in impermanence and my research as the Artist in Residence at Glen Foerd on the Delaware.

Some of the video I shot that snowy morning made its way to a music video I created for the song 'Shaking' by Rachel Wetzel - a song that deals with impermance on a personal scale.

The animation from The Chalkboard Chronicles was used in the final video for my installation at Glen Foerd, 'an openness to all things lovely.'


More about the history of The Chalkboard Chronicles -- and the other artists in the project here.
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