Cindy Stockton Moore

Artist in Residence at Glen Foerd on the Delaware
2018-2019 -- Current work in progress.

I am currently one of two Artists in Residence at the historic
Glen Foerd on the Delaware mansion.

Over the next few months, I am digging around the archives of the estate -- contemplating the nature of 'stuff.' As an artist on site, I am exploring what access means, how people are remembered, and when things obscure meaning.

Part researcher, part snoop - I am currently making short, experimental animations, planning a series of hard-to-find interventions, and otherwise haunting this historic mansion.

Will what I make add meaning to the site - or contribute to the accumulation?



So far, I've been drawn to the correspondence of Florence Tonner.

Sorting through the letters, receipts and poetry left behind, I am still only offered a glimpse of this resident of Glen Foerd. The compartmentilzation of roles - through class, gender and family - creates a fragmented image.

I am interested in how this fragmented reading relates to historic sites. How do identity and privilege define our view of 'collecting' -- and what ultimately do collections tell us about their owners?

In the process, I've been contemplating my own relationship to objects, mortality... and the traces of lives left behind.


At the same time, I've been weaving my research at Glen Foerd into other projects.

I featured the site in the music video I created for Endlessly's 'Shaking.'


I drew Glen Foerd's magnificent Cucumber Magnolia tree for my project for The Chalkboard Chronicle at Artyard.

Perhaps I am the one who is haunted.

I've been cataloging china and testing out ink on cotton, satin and silk...

I've been playing with silverware- and sorting through poetry.


"Infinity" by Florence Tonner

The world, a whirling top will spin
Serenly on! Its way within
The void it finds, where ethers cling,
Because God's hand has twirled the string.

I've been accumulating too .... drawings of items stored away. They are beginning to pile up in my studio.


I've been aimlessly playing...figuring out my role in this mansion.
Am I an interloper? custodian? trickster? caretaker?

Going through Florence's personal correspondence,
I'm finding clues to who she might have been to different people.

I am a guest that might not have been welcomed -
with access that I certainly would not have been granted -
in a home that continues to overwhelm and intrigue me.



should this not be adequate to your wishes... please enlighten me.
-letter signed "Tremaine"
This project should materialize by Fall of 2019. I'm thinking of calling it... An openness to all things lovely
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