Cindy Stockton Moore


In the studio, I am experimenting with foraged and found materials. Making ink from natural materials and invasive species connecting to the landscape in tactile ways.

Starting in the winter months, my initial palette contains many browns – from acorns gathered near the Wissahickon, walnut hulls from the grounds of the Woodmere– and now black, from charcoal I made from invasive vine clippings gathered at Heinz Natural Refuge.


I've been making studies, from local herbaria that may –or may not– be turning into animations

I've been experimenting with the inks on mylar, inks on paper, elements that are overlaid, cut out, adaptive.

Right now, it's all trial and error– a series of learning curves.

Plant identification, sustainable foraging methods,
urban ink making, all connecting somehow with my
on-going interest in a shared, lived, natural environment.

The inks themselves are already changing
–getting darker or lighter with light and time.

My practice seems to always seek the fugitive.

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