Figment Proposal Salvage

Abby Goodman & Cindy Stockton Moore

Past Collaborations
Color Seige - Peekskill Project, Summer 2007
Abby Goodman and Cindy Stockton Moore with Christopher Frederick and Mark Stockton
Various sites including Peekskill Historical Museum: Curated by Tania Duvergne
Description: An interventionist, site-specific installation that served as a playful, visual assault on the invasive role of artists during The Peekskill Project. A monument of crayon coated cannon balls is constructed near the historic Revolutionary cannon of Peekskill, NY. In the visual line of fire the project signage reflects the bombardment of color. At six additional sites around the town, cannon balls are imbedded within the architecture of local businesses. A small replica of the cannon and 'crannonballs' are in the collection of the Peekskill Museum.
Color Seige
Vending Project, VAMP Collective 2000
Description: A colorful project toying with the role of commodity in art, and the fetishization of desire. A vending machine installed within the university art department. A small group of artists from a variety of disciplines supply miniature artwork to stock the machine over a one month period of time.
VAMP wending
Various VAMP Events, 1999-2001
Events include: Broadway Market, Hallwalls Contemporary Art Center, Artists and Models Event, Buffalo, NY
Syracuse University,Shaffer Exhibition Hall, Dia des los DIA, Syracuse, NY
Projects include (from top to bottom): a one night performance of weighted helium 'hot air' ballooons, an interactive sensory ziggurat installed at a large arts event, and an edible 'birck' wall of cake constructed within the gallery space.
VAMP past